How OVH Public Cloud can meet your business needs


1pm EST   2pm ESTHow OVH Public Cloud can meet your business needs

Explore the possibilities of Public Cloud! Join us for a webinar on January 16th.

Together we will discuss the following:

  • The main functionalities of OVH Public Cloud
  • Look at a live demonstration navigating through the Control Panel and learn how to automate instances via the API
  • The latest features regarding flexible infrastructure and networking
Through this webinar you will gain a better understanding of how OVH Public Cloud allows companies to benefit from increased flexibility, cost savings, durability, security and support!

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 - OVH
 16  styczeń
  1pm EST     2pm EST
Free - Upon registration

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James MacKenzie

IT Professionnal

James Mackenzie est un professionnel de l'informatique spécialisé en consultation d'infrastructure et en Cloud Computing, pour des clients corporatifs.