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.uk the Best Extension in the uk Domain Family

The .uk ccTLD is the domain for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and is the fourth most popular domain extension. It is certainly the best domain for you if your target audience is in the Great Britain geographic area. Unlike or other domains in the UK domain family, the .uk extension shortens your domain name allowing users to focus on a more meaningful name.

Gain Credibilty

Not just anybody can register a .uk domain. Nominet, the governing body of the .uk extension, requires that all registrants have a valid UK postal address. PO box addresses or equivalent are not permitted. The .uk extension provides assurance and credibility to your customers, readers or viewers because it guarantees that you are a member of the local community.

Considerations before Ordering

As this is one of the newest domains to be a part of the domain revolution, there is another point to consider when registering your .uk domain. Owners of,, or domain, have priority when registering a .uk domain. These owners have the right to register their equivalent .uk domain. This means that if you want to register a .uk domain that already exists under one of the previous mentioned domain extensions, you will have to wait until the name is open to the public.

Holders of already existing domains have until June 2019 to register their equivalent .uk domain name. In cases where several people have the same domain name registered under different extensions, the extension will take precedence. If the domain name that you wish to register is not already registered under one of the other extensions of the UK domain family, the .uk domain can be registered immediately.

Customers Queries or Complaints

Please use these details to contact us for any .uk domain name related queries you may have, including complaints and instances of domain name abuse, you should expect to receive an acknowledgment of receipt within a few hours and no more than 3 days.

As popularity for this domain is growing, don't delay any longer, register your .uk domain today.