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Domeny .IE są dostępne dla osób prywatnych oraz firm na terenie Irlandii. Każda rejestracja wymaga dodatkowych weryfikacji. Istnieje możliwość zastosowania wyjątku dla osób/firm zameldowanych poza terenem jednego z 32 hrabstw.


Opcje zawarte w nazwie domeny:

Hosting 10 MB + 1 konto e-mail 5 GB
Zarządzanie strefą DNS
Ochrona przed kradzieżą
Zarządzanie kontaktami (kontakt administracyjny, techniczny...)


199,99 PLN
 netto / rok (245,99 PLN brutto)


199,99 PLN
 netto (245,99 PLN brutto)


199,99 PLN
 netto (245,99 PLN brutto)

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 About .ie domain

The .ie extension is the ccTLD for Ireland and has been in existence since 1988. This extension is reserved exclusively for Irish residents and businesses or individuals which have a significant connection to Ireland. Today the .ie extension continues to gain popularity with enterprises, small businesses and individuals looking to market to an Irish audience.

 Build Trust with .ie

If you have a business in Ireland or are an international company with operations in Ireland, a .ie domain extension is invaluable. Allowing customers to identify your business as being part of their local community provides reassurance and strengthens the trust that customers put into your business, services and or products. The .ie extension lets your customers or audience know that you are Irish.

Other Benefits of .ie Domain

Thanks to geotargeting, having a .ie domain will increase your sites ranking for Irish users. This means that when an Irish user performs a search from Ireland, your site will be listed above sites with a .com or other non .ie extension. This could result in greater sales and provide a professional advantage. Since the .ie domain is reserved for Ireland and people with close ties to Ireland, you are more likely to be able to register your domain name of choice. Unlike .com, there is greater availability of the .ie domain extension. Don't settle for your second or third choice in domain name, register your .ie domain today.


The IEDR, the governing body of the .ie extension, manages the .ie domain in a way that assure that you are who you say you are. In addition to verification of identification, the IEDR has implemented DNSSEC, providing additional security to your domain and the internet as a whole. DNNSEC is a suite of extensions that assures that data being sent is the same as data being received. This eliminates the possibility DNS spoofing and reducing many attacks associated with unsecured DNS.  

Don’t delay, get your .ie domain today and gain the confidence of your Irish audience.