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Narodowa domena Kolumbii. Domena .co jest dostępna do rejestracji dla każdego. Zapraszamy do skorzystania z domeny .co, jeżeli wybrana nazwa dla domeny .com została już zajęta.



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Hosting 10 MB + 1 konto e-mail 5 GB
Zarządzanie strefą DNS
Ochrona przed kradzieżą
Zarządzanie kontaktami (kontakt administracyjny, techniczny...)


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38,18 PLN*
 netto / rok (46,96 PLN brutto)


103,97 PLN
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 About .co domain

What is .co?  In 1991, the .co domain began as the ccTLD for the country of Columbia. Since its creation, the .co domain has seen  some policy changes.  The most notable change was made in 2010 when  restrictions limiting who could register the domain  were lifted thus allowing anyone in the world to register a .co domain. Since then, the .co extension has been a favorite  of many start-ups. Companies as well as individuals have been behind the domain's popularity with 1.6 million  .co domains registered as of Jan. 2014.


.CO Internet S.A.S, is the managing entity of the .co domain and markets this extension as a global, fun and fashionable domain that is recognized by Google and other search engines  as a gTLD (generic top level domain), ranking it in the same category as a .com domain. Provided that your site contains valuable content, websites with a .co domain name have exactly the same potential for achieving high search ranking as any other gTLD. As choices for .com domains become more and more scarce, registering your choice of domain name under a  .co extension assures greater chance of domain name availability. 

Added Benefits

The .co domain comes with added benefits. Your .co domain will provide you access to the .CO Membership Program. Membership  perks include  promotion of your .co website, special deals and offers as well as complimentary invitations to industry events. Membership is free with registration of a .co domain and requires subscribing to the program.   Good Company  With a .co domain, you are in good company. Google, Twitter and Vine all have .co domains just to name a few. Nearly all major brands have a .co domain. If you already have a .com domain, a .co is great to have as it can compliment your .com  directing user that may have mistyped your .com domain to your site.  

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